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VIDEO: How To "Tune-Up" Your Manufactured Home's Tiedowns
Sun 02/22/09 05:02:59 pm

All manufactured homes built since 1976, if properly tied down are rated to withstand 90 mph winds. Some newer manufactured homes are rated higher thana 90 mph wind speeds. The tiedowns under your manufactured home may need to tightened from time to time (depending on soil conditions. This Video Shows you How To "Tune-up" Your Manufactured Home's Hurricane Tiedowns...

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Manufactured Homes, tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds: are these of concern to you? Check out these amazing facts on modern manufactured homes in wind storm conditions! Home Finder Search ...

The process that takes place from the time your manufactured home is delivery to your home site to completion and ready for you to move in. ...preview what will take place befire and after your home has been delivered to your site. ...

Video: Manufactured Housing Factory Tour
- Live from the Factory Floor -
Factory Tour Manufactured Housing Builder Hart Homes in Park Hills Crossing, Southpoint Village and Red Oak, 55 and Over Manufactured Home Communities near Dayton, Ohio. Enjoy this video of the building process that goes into these great homes. Filmed LIVE on the factory floor. Watch the modern process of home building. ...

VIDEO: Park Model Home Prices Leave Everyone A Winner
- J&M Homesd - 
With retirees and vacationers looking to save money, while not compromising comfort the market for vacation properties is quite affordable. While retirees of the past often spent their savings on RVs to travel the country in, a tightening economy and the soaring cost of gasoline have made Park Model home prices more attractive. Both retired people and frequent travelers want to experience the c...

Manufactured Housing Site Preparation & Installation

What do you need to have ready when your manufactured home arrives at your home site? .... What happens next?....

We are proud to offer the most effective way ever to learn about the step by step process involved in properly installing a manufactured home; A great five-part video series with George Porter, the industry's most respected installation specialist.

Mr. Porter leads you through a two hour viewing experience that will prepare you for the numerous operations and complexities involved in the installation of the modern manufactured home.

Video #1 - Site Preparation & Foundations

This 30-minute video takes you through the basics of soil types for preparing your site with adequate drainage. You will also learn how to determine size of footings needed to hold the weight of your home.

If you want to enjoy your home for years to come the foundation must be set on a properly prepared surface. With this video you will know exactly what will be required when it comes to preparing the ground for your homes installation.

Video #2 - Home Installation

In this video you will preview what will take place once your home has been delivered to your site. You will see how a home is rolled onto a concrete foundation and installed properly. You will learn how to be sure your home is level and how inspect for a tight seal at the marriage lines between sections.

Video #3 - Exterior Trim-Out

This lesson demonstrates the correct method for finishing exterior end-walls with vinyl siding. Also featured is the best method for connecting the electrical and water between the homes sections. Other topics covered are:

  • installing the drainage system
  • gas connections
  • air conditioning installation

    This video will provide everything you need to know about the finish operations on, under and around the outside of your home.

    Video #4 - Interior Trim-Out

    Learn how to interconnect the "marriage line" between your homes sections. See the best way to trim out the and interior walls. You'll learn the basics from methods for taping and texturing sheet rock walls. to how they will install interior doors and moldings. Correct carpet fitting cutting and seaming are discussed. along with installing ceiling fans and much much more.

    Video #5 - Final Inspection

    This walk-through will show you how to inspect your home and what to look for. This is an important step making sure everything has been done properly. In this video you will learn how to do a thorough inspection from top to bottom. Areas covered are: siding, windows, marriage line, kitchen cabinets, interior doors, gas connections, appliances and much more. This video is an invaluable tool for making sure your home has been set-up properly. If there is a problem or something needs to be repaired this is the time to point it out and write it down. By understanding the walk-through process and following a simple method for inspecting your home you will not overlook any aspect of home construction. This will ensure everything has been inspected and properly installed before you move into your new home.

    After viewing all five videos you will have what it takes to tackle your site preparation with confidence and peace of mind. Even if you're not planning on doing the work yourself, this information will help you understand the entire process. This will give you an edge when choosing sub-contractors and help you make sure the site preparation is done properly.

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    The Entire Five Part Series

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