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Daily Prospect Leads Exclusively for Mfd Housing Dealers
Sat 04/01/06 12:13:14 am
Active buyers in your local area

When your sales people are not spending their time with an "up", what is it they are doing between prospects?   Are they spending that time attempting to develop sales?   If not, why not?

The transitions to a higher priced new product and "home & land financing" has been painful for many retailers.   BUT the biggest problem our business faces, across the country today is a shortage of real prospects.   Manufactured Housing no longer the fast paced business it used to be.   There was a time, not very long ago, when we could deliver and fund our deals just a few days after meeting the buyers.   It seemed that all you needed was a dealers license and a dry place to hang it and the prospective buyers just appeared.... We never went a day with out dozens visiting the dealerships.

Things are a bit slower today on the front lines.   The good news is that there are new avenues for bringing prospects to your models.   This web site links to the Manufactured Housing Owners Network where the modern internet shoppers are going to connect with local dealerships.   About four thousand prospects a month are submitting their contact information. The MH buyers are requesting to be matched with local dealers.   Instead of spending their day driving from one retail center to the next, the modern MH prospect is getting on line before they leave home, to find out which local sellers have the inventory and finance programs that best suit their needs.

These are prospects actively searching for a manufactured home that they are planning to purchase immediately or in the near future.

Our business took so many marketing lessons from the auto sales business.... but its almost like many of us never read the last chapter.   Stop into the most successful car dealerships in your area and watch what their sales people are doing between "ups".   They are NOT reading the newspaper.   They are NOT "chewing the fat".   They are NOT dealing with their personal business.   They ARE on the phone. They ARE talking to people that they suspect are shopping for what they are selling.   They ARE soliciting appointments to show off the dealership inventory.   They ARE working towards higher sales volume, even though there are no prospective buyers in site!

If your dealership has only 3 sales people and each of them could add just 2 sales a quarter thru phone prospecting that would add 24 more sales to your books for the year.   For many of MH sales operations that could mean the difference between being on that corner next year or not.   Two sales a quarter is a conservative projection.   Top salespeople that can make the transition from sitting in the bull pen to active prospecting should do considerably better.   A salesman in Georgia, who subscribes to our leads closed three sales just last month, with prospects that he harvested from our leads program.


We are bringing in leads from every state in the country.   We can offer you a monthly subscription to retail prospects, from the states that you service for as little as only $75 per state!   Multi-state subscriptions are offered at substantial discounts.   If you close just one of our prospects you will have paid for about three years worth of the leads from your home state.


Dealerships around the country are bringing more traffic to their retail centers and closing sales with buyers they could have never connected with before they discovered the incredible power of active prospecting.

If your interested in a free trial of the incoming prospect leads for your territory, just submit the free trial form below.   Or, if your in a hurry, you are welcomed to phone us, toll free, between the hours of 9AM and 6PM, Eastern Time at 888-304-2333.

Get all the leads submitted from your part of the country, for a full week, at no cost and with no obligation.   See what a daily infusion of our fresh prospects, who are actively shopping for a manufactured home can do for your closing ratio.

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The potential for success will be apparent to you once you see for yourself how easy the HOME/TRACK suite of products are to use. Of course, all demos are free and with no obligation and there is always someone available to answer any questions you may have.

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