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Guidelines for Selling Your Manufactured Home OnLine

our participation in the Manufactured Housing Multiple Listing Service ( is for the sole purpose of SELLING HOMES ! . The low one time fee on FSBO listings and no cost listings for MH business participants represents a great opportunity for sellers who will take the time to create quality listings. We want every listing to inspire a sale! Remember your goal is to SELL HOMES, not just get your inventory listed.

You want the reader to develop a genuine interest in the home you are selling. Empower prospects with as much information as possible about the property with every listing. When viewers see your title among the listings they also see the city, state, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and manufacturer on the same line. So including any of those features in the title is redundant and an unfortunate, missed opportunity to excite the prospect . Sell the home. Title your ad to include one or more of the BENEFITS prospective buyers might enjoy if they owned your home.

Experience has demonstrated that homes titled by model name, year and make, town, lot number, duplicate titles, community name/features, number of bedrooms, names of sales, etc. do not attract sales. on the other hand.... Titles that tout the homes benefits are attracting considerably more than their share of attention, and again, the bottom line, SELLING HOMES..

Pretend for a moment that you have just arrived in front of the home you are showing. What would you say to your prospective buyer? I don't think it would be "Look at this Fleetwood Family Doublewide", here is a "Mobile Home For Sale" or "here we are at this Caveco 3/2", but more likely something like, "wait 'til you See the Kitchen!", "here is Everything You Want and it's Landscaped Too!" .

The "Full Description and Features" portion of your listing is most critical. This area is where you want to create a desire for the viewer to visit and view the home. Again this an opportunity for you to STATE THE BENEFITS of your offering and MAKE YOUR LISTING STAND OUT. Is it near good schools or a playground? landscaped? has it been well maintained? new renovations? If water and trash pick up are included in the rent say so here. Feel free to include your inventory numbers and other data at the end of the description field that will help you quickly identify the home listed when prospects contact you.

The price field will only take numerical entries. DO NOT INCLUDE A DOLLAR SIGN OR COMAS. The programming for the MLS will display them automatically. Any comments should be included in the "Full Description and Condition" field.

Stating your asking price is required and plays a very important role in SELLING. How can a prospect consider purchasing any home without knowing how much it is going to cost? Most folks browsing for a home have a price range in mind, and will only contact sellers in that price range. If there is no price on a listing you create the appearance that you are afraid to tell the price, because the home is either too expensive or too cheap for serious consideration. This inevitably scares off potential buyers.

Lot Rent or Annual Property Tax is another important consideration for any serious home buyer and should be included when applicable. Please take the time to SELL YOUR HOME by filling out your listing with as much detail and imagination as you can muster. If the home is on a leased lot rent is required.

We need to maintain strict guidelines because that IS what is making the difference. You can find several free on line listing services for MH. Some even have thousands of listings , but for most of the others the only information listed is year, make, serial numbers, address and price.... they are dull and colorless. They are NOT SELLING they are just listing. The Manufactured Housing Multiple Listings at WWW.MFDHOUSING.COM/mls SELL HOMES. If you follow our guidelines you WILL see the SIGNIFICANT difference

The most striking and attractive element of your web page sales presentation will be pictures. Photos are not required but they are highly recommended. Web Surfers love pictures! Homes listed on the MLS with great looking photos are getting thousands of hits a week and selling very quickly. You can add up to five photos per listing. Pictures of the exterior and interior of the home will bring your listings a lot more attention and help to sell your home much faster.

If you are selling manufactured housing, anyplace across the country and you are not listing your home on the MLS, Why not? Find out how to list your home(s) NOW!. Learn how effective yet inexpensive internet marketing can be.

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    You can find a wealth of additional details and dozens of questions that have been answered for home sellers at the MLS HELP DESK

    Thank you for joining hundreds of other manufactured housing sellers, and making The Manufactured Housing Global Network ( ) the most successful location on line for marketing manufactured housing.

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