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Professional property management just became easier for community owners and operators! Many different types of situations that property managers face on a daily basis have been addressed in a series of twelve handbooks written by Chrissy Jackson, ACM, PHC, and published through RITE Communications.

As an expert with over 17 years of experience in day-to-day management of communities in five different states, she has learned what to do and how to do it successfully in this challenging and constantly changing field. Currently, she is the Marketing/Sales Coordinator for Steiner and Associates of Tampa, Florida.

In Volume I, Issues 1 - 12, Chrissy will share with you some of the tips she has learned over the years. Written in her own unique, easy-to-read style and laced with a touch of humor, each handbook is full of useful information, forms, and form letters that can be put to work for you right now! And -- best of all -- the information can be used in any size community, any state, and any company. So, whether you have 5 sites or 1500 sites, regardless of which state you call home, and no matter whether you are part of a large multi-property operation or a one-community owner, you can benefit!

Highlights of the topics addressed include:

RESIDENT RELATIONS -- why you need a Resident Relations program; how to set it up; how to put it to use; how to avoid the "Mean Martha" syndrome; how to increase traffic and resident pride through subliminal messages and proper signage.

NEWSLETTERS -- why you should write a newsletter; how to write it; what to include; what not to include; sample excerpts from previously published newsletters; where to find information; how often to write a newsletter; how to distribute it effectively.

CREATIVE RULE ENFORCEMENT -- how to bring problem residents into compliance with the rules (Guidelines); how to use praise; how to instill pride in your residents.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION -- how to communicate with your residents to make sure they understand what you want; how to communicate with government officials; how to use letters effectively; how to speak and be remembered.

ACTIVITIES -- how to have activities with or without a clubhouse; what is the spirit of volunteerism and how you can create it; how to select activities geared for your residents; how to recruit and keep volunteers; how to organize an activity association among your residents.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION -- what is confidential information; how much you need; who else needs to know; what a credit report can really tell you; how to read between the lines.

RULES AND REGULATIONS -- what to consider when writing your own; where to find information; the best wording for the easiest enforcement; who should review it; leads you through a series of questions to decide what should and should not be a rule.

SUN AND FUN IN THE POOL -- a must for all pool owners; details the safe operations of a swimming pool; explains sanitiation, filtration, and circulation; shows techniques for operating without a lifeguard; how to open up for summer and close for winter.

BUYING EQUIPMENT -- guides you step-by-step through the determination process for purchasing equipment for your community; gives guidelines to selecting mowers, weedeaters, and vehicles; provides an outline to help you decide what kind of playground equipment to purchase; includes a form to compare competitive bids by reducing them to equivalencies.

COMMUNITY INFORMATION -- shows what type of information you should have summarized and why; provides format for different kinds of information; explains the easiest way to gather what you need; discusses the value of proper information in emergencies as well as daily operations.

MARKETING -- explores ten areas of marketing and leads you through each one in terms of value, exposure, and positive uses; shows you how to market your community and where to do it most effectively.

TAKING OVER A COMMUNITY -- five major areas of concern to new owners and/or managers are explored through a series of questions leading you through the decision-making process as you step into a new community; looks at situations from the standpoint of an absentee owner, an on site owner, a small operator, and a manager working for a multi-property owner.

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