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"Guidelines for Living"
Rules & Regulations for Community Owners & Operators
Authored byChrissy Jackson, ACM, PHC

hrissy Jackson does it again! A much-needed, up-to-the-minute release of a new handbook for the manufactured housing industry. The focus is on Guidelines for Living (rules and regulations) for community owners and operators.

  • Want to know where to research before writing any?

  • Want to know what areas to look at?

  • Want to know how to amend them once they are out?

  • Want to know when to amend them?

  • Want to know how to be sure the guidelines you write will really accomplish what you want them to?
  • This handbook has all these answers and more.

    Over 50 different areas are looked at in terms of restrictions or control for producing the type of lifestyle your community wants.

    Sells for $15 plus $3 shipping and handling.

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