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Chrissy Jackson, ACM, a nationally-known workshop leader, is now available to state associations and individual companies for custom-designed seminars and workshops. Use her talents to motivate your members and employees. Let her work one-on-one with inexperienced managers to teach them the basics of property management, or in groups to role-play and review professionalism.

Seminars include presentations with visual aids, hand-outs, and lots of audience participation. The workshops provide actual hands-on involvement for smaller groups, with plenty of hand-outs and take-home materials. Training sessions which involve role-play and memory-enhancement tips can be scheduled for those needing a more intense learning situation.

Choose from the listing of available topics for seminars, workshops, and training. Or, if you have a specific request for a customized presentation, contact Chrissy directly using the form at the bottom or e-mail your topic to her at this address: [email protected]

Your employees are your most valuable asset - motivate and educate them for peak performance!The following pages list the prepared topics currently available and the length of time normally needed. All prices are for presentation fee only. Total costs will include presentation fee, travel and hotel expenses, and any supplies provided for participants.

Choose a variety of topics that fill your need, then combine them for a one or two day program that covers all the hot spots!

As a professional with over 18 years experience in hands-on property management, Chrissy Jackson, ACM, knows what it takes to be successful! Her unique sense of humor and style are guaranteed to be a success!


Activities and Volunteers

If you are tired of having the same old activities year after year and doing all the work yourself, this is for you! By learning the psychological reasons that make people volunteer, you can get all the enthusiastic help you want. Tips for recognition of volunteer hours are also given.

Plus, 101 different types of activities will be discussed. Get your residents involved - this session will show you how! Let them lead you into a life of activities that is stress-free!

Presentation Time: 3 hours with one break


Attendees are taught how to recognize what to advertise, where to advertise for maximum return, and how to track return. Also covered are techniques for computing the actual cost of advertising per sale, the importance of color, subliminal advertising tricks, bordering ads for optimum visibility, and actual layout.

Covers classified ad preparation, display ad preparation, border enhancements, creating a logo, laying out a business card, using a theme for easy identification, and brochure preparation.

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no break

Closing NOW ! ! ! (New in 1998)

How do you get that difficult person to close? How do you know when to start the close? How many times should you try to close? What are some of the common objections and how do you overcome them? Take home lots of useful tips and hints to make more sales and put more money in your pocket.

Closing is not just about selling homes or lots - it also covers leasing rental homes and leasing rental homesites. Knowing how to close is getting your prospect off the street and into your home or community. There are more than 25 ways to do that - learn which is right and when to use it. Know how and when to switch closing tactics to get the job done. Learn enthusiasm as a selling tool.

Presentation Time: 3 hours with one break


Involves group participation in all four types of communication with examples of each. Presentation covers the areas of body language, written word, oral word, and communicating with pictures. Each area is explained with examples and visuals.

People who are required to speak in public, or who speak regularly in front of resident meetings need to learn these techniques. Even one-on-one meetings require effective communications. Learn why the layout of a room can make or break your presentation!

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no break

Creative Enforcement

A fun session designed to break through paradigms and teach you how to be creative while having fun. A valuable tool for resident managers who need to be flexible in enforcing the guidelines. Teaches through example that there is not just one way to look at something, or even two - there may be hundreds!

Exposes participants to some of the methods used successfully with other paradigm-breaking instruction classes. Introduces them to the world of "no wrong answers" and shows how to skillfully utilize this method in creating a more effective Resident Relations Program.

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no breaks

Customer Service

Delves into 101 ways to serve your customer (your resident). Explores the areas of customer service which are most easily available, economically viable, and quickly implemented. Covers cost effectiveness of added customer service, psychological benefits, and employee training.

Teaches creativeness as a way of finding new avenues of customer service to aid in resident retention. Looks at what other companies are doing in the area of customer service and applies their ideas to the manufactured housing industry - specifically to the community sector.

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no break

Diversity Awareness

Stresses the global nature of our customers (our residents) and brings attention to the diversities that can create havoc in resident relations programs. Discussion covers areas of personal biases, etiquette, language, learning styles, traditions, life perceptions, importance of families, and respect for authority.

Also reveals some stresses of immigration and explores the phases of acculturation. Shows how to walk the path to a successful future with flexibility.

Tips from those who have been in a culturally diverse group and come out on top - through a shared learning experience and inner growth!

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no break

Employee Relations

Learn how to interview, qualify, hire, motivate, and retain the most valuable employees. Time is also given to proper procedures during a termination process.

Hear what you can and cannot ask during the initial and subsequent interviews. Samples of the kinds of documentation necessary at each stage of employment are included. Covers interviewing, pre-qualification, hiring, merit evaluations, annual reviews, counseling for problems, termination warning, and termination. Hear the difference in answers when the right questions are asked during the interview process.

Presentation Time: 4 hours with one break

Guidelines for Living - Writing or Amending (Rules & Regulations)

Explores over 50 different areas you need to consider when writing your guidelines (rules) for the first time, or updating them on a periodic basis.

Reviews the most common wording and phrasing for certain sections. Discussion involves federal laws, Fair Housing Amendment Act, and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Shows you how to avoid painting yourself in a corner during the writing process. Enlightens all participants in wording and phrasing that will create a "win-win" situation for both you and your residents in every case.

Presentation Time: 4 hours with one break

Leadership Roles

Introduces on-site managers and maintenance supervisors to the concept of "leadership" rather than "management". Teaches them how to make a sound decision, how to set goals, how to listen, how to lead rather than wait to be led. Covers the methods used to determine if goals are productive and shows how to gauge effectiveness within the community and with co-workers.

Ideal for owner/operators with employees or multi-property owners who want their managers and maintenance supervisors to take a more responsible position.

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no break

Leading the Leaders (New in 1998)

Especially designed for Regional Managers and others who directly supervise the on-site Community Managers. Just by the way you phrase questions - or by asking a question instead of making a statement - you can turn on-site managers into more productive employees and take a burden off yourself.

What areas signal problems in the future? How to handle problem employees; how to spot embezzlement, excessive deferred maintenance, and poor customer service are covered as well as tips on adjusting attitudes. A must-take course for those responsible for supervising on-site managers.

Presentation Time: 3 hours with one break

Personnel Policy Manual (New in 1998)

Takes you from start to finish in guiding your company through the creation of this important Human Resource tool. Actually provides each participant with an outline of the needed contents for an effective Personnel Policy Manual. Group participation is encouraged as the outline is completed during a round-table type of discussion. Requires purchase of Chrissy Jackson's Personnel Policy Manual for each attendee at current pricing in addition to seminar costs.

Covers the areas which need to be included, what questions need to be answered in each area, and how and when to distribute it to your employees.

Presentation Time: All Day Session with 2 breaks and lunch


If you are not a Certified Pool Operator, but are required to take care of a pool, this workshop is for you. This presentation is designed to give you an understanding of the basic pool operation. Also provides an explanation of the chemical balance, the filtration system, and circulation system.

Lots of hand-outs for easy reference after class with a spiral-bound book containing class content notes. Taught to Pool Attendants and Pool Monitors for several years as an alternative to the Certified Pool Operator's class.

Presentation Time: 4 hours with one break

Resident Relations

A discussion outlining the reasons you should have a Resident Relations Program and a walk through the stages of creating one. Introduces "Mean Martha", the epitome of what a manager should not be. Covers basic techniques with a humorous twist.

Explores areas of curb appeal, telephone technique, signage, office appearance, dress codes and activities. Demonstrates the value of professionalism among all staff members all the time.

Presentation Time: 90 minutes with no break

Sales Solutions (New in 1998)

Starts with basic telephone techniques for getting information, pre-qualifying, tracking traffic and getting the prospect to your sales center. Continues through the person-to-person visit with feature/benefit demonstrations, tells you how to know which homes to show your prospect, and how to know which they will buy.

Learn how to compute debt ratio and monthly payment amounts. Finishes with a strong follow-up program designed to get you referrals and more sales. A salesman is in the people business. By knowing your prospect as taught in this course, you will make more sales - close more deals - lease more homesites - sell more homes or lots - and become a pro!

Presentation Time: 3 hours with one break

Standard Operating Procedures Manual (New in 1998)

Takes you from start to finish in guiding your company through the creation of this important operations tool - and shows you how to do it in a property-specific manner. Actually provides each participant with an outline of the needed contents for an effective Standard Operating Procedures Manual. Group participation is encouraged as the outline is completed during a round-table type of discussion. Requires purchase of Chrissy Jackson's Standard Operating Procedures Manual for each attendee at current pricing in addition to seminar costs.

Covers the areas which need to be included, what questions need to be answered in each area, and how and when to review it to keep it current.

Presentation Time: All Day Session with 2 breaks and lunch

Taking Over a Community Successfully

Whether you are an owner buying an existing community or a manager coming into one, there is a way to do it successfully so that the residents are on your side and not against you!

Learn how to communicate, what to say in a public meeting with the residents, what to distribute to them and when. Includes hand-outs of actual letters used during periods of manager transitions.

Shows you how to get missing information for the files, what information you should have in the office, and how quickly to make changes.

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no breaks

Team Players

Are you all on the same team? This introduction to the concept of "team playing" shows the position and position description for each of the players as well as delving into the specifics of how they interact.

Especially designed for the community manager, or regional property manager, this seminar takes you through the creation and bonding of employees from co-workers to team mates.

Time is also spent discussing how to fit a prospective new employee into the team prior to hiring. Know you get a good fit before the paperwork is signed!

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no break

Telephone Courtesy

Are you losing your potential customers (residents) before they even get to the office because of poor telephone manners? Whoever answers the telephone represents your company. Make sure they project the right image by utilizing courtesy and professionalism.

Covers pointers on multi-line phone answering, transferring calls properly, handling irate customers, and projecting a smile over the wires. Also introduces the concept of "CLEAR" communication for problem resolution. Teaches participants how to get answers to marketing questions without making the caller feel pressured.

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no break

Time Management

Days can be crazy, but you can still accomplish more than you think you can! Learn how to manage the 1,440 minutes in your day to do what needs to be done.

Create and prioritize your "To Do" list. Learn how to set short-term goals and track your progress hourly. Review past performance and know how to gauge your effectiveness in setting and achieving goals.

Utilize your "left" brain to keep you on track, and your "right" brain to relieve stress and tension.

Presentation Time: 2 hours with no breaks

Water Meter Conversions

If you are planning to install water meters in your community within the next year, this is definitely a must for your agenda. Provides you with a step-by-step outline of the procedures to select the type of water meter and meter-reading method. Helps in determining whether to install meters using in-house labor or sub-contractors.

Walks you through the initial introduction of the topic to your residents all the way to holding a resident meeting. Packed with hand-outs and information for your on-site computerized bookkeeping systems.

Presentation Time: 4 hours with one break


NOTE: Presentations are priced at $1250 per day plus travel expenses, hotel and meals (if necessary), printing and supplies.

10% discount available for two day seminars in the same location. Any combination of topics with up to 6 hours of presentation is scheduled for each day.

Check your calendar now . . . . . our schedule is filling up ! !

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