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New in 1998
Chrissy Jackson Seminars

Three new seminar/workshops have been developed especially for your needs in 1998. These hot topics are among the most requested subjects all over the United States, and now they are available to you.

Sales Solutions Starts with basic telephone techniques for getting information, pre-qualifying, tracking traffic and getting the prospect to your sales center. Continues through the person-to-person visit with feature/benefit demonstrations, tells you how to know which homes to show your prospect, and how to know which they will buy. Learn how to compute debt ratio and monthly payment amounts. Finishes with a strong follow-up program designed to get you referrals and more sales. A salesman is in the people business. By knowing your prospect as taught in this course, you will make more sales - close more deals - lease more homesites - sell more homes or lots - and become a pro at people.

Closing NOW ! ! ! How do you get that difficult person to close? How do you know when to start the close? How many times should you try to close? What are some of the common objections and how do you overcome them? Take home lots of useful tips and hints to make more sales and put more money in your pocket. Closing is not just about selling homes or lots - it also covers leasing rental homes and leasing rental homesites. Knowing how to close is getting your prospect off the street and into your home or your community. There are 25 ways to do that - learn which is right and when. Know how and when to switch closing tactics to get the job done.

Leading the Leaders Especially designed for Regional Managers and others who directly supervise the on-site Community Managers. Just by the way you phrase questions - or by asking a question instead of making a statement - you can turn on-site managers into more productive employees and take a burden off yourself. What areas signal problems in the future? A Regional Manager should be able to spot them and stop trouble before it begins. How to handle problem employees; how to spot embezzlement, excessive deferred maintenance, and poor customer service are covered as well as tips on adjusting attitudes. A must-take course for those who are responsible for the supervision of the on-site manager.

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